The Ten Easiest Things to Miss in a Church Strategy

Not based on a Barna survey or a Gallop poll but clearly true!

1. The pastor and other leaders forget that the greatest of church strategies is love.

2.  The leaders forget who got them there in past years and staff for everyone except the seniors.

3.  Leaders forget that it is in real estate that it is,  “Location, Location, Location,” but in church it is,  “Communication, Communication, Communication.”

4.  People like to count on what time a service starts and also what time it ends.   Even if they do not tell you.

5.  A worship set that is all performance with little participation from the pews is a concert, not a worship service.

6.  The opinions of the speaker given in a sermon are much less important than the exposition/explaining/applying of the Word of the Lord as found in the Bible.

7.  Greeters and ushers who talk mostly to each other are disqualifying themselves.

8.  People hate changes and surprises,  so we should not surprise them with a change!

9.  Politics divides people and eliminates up to half the potential audience;  true doctrine from above unites and promotes love.

10. Every person who walks in the door of the church or lives in the nearby community will live forever somewhere.