Child Dedication

One thing I changed  that was  different was that I only met with the father when there was a couple involved. Sometimes it was three or four or five fathers. That way he had to convey the information about Sunday morning, but also take the responsibility for going through what is expected of parents. (So many fathers just hang onto their wives for such things.)

At that meeting I went through salvation again….and also the least parents must do…..

As well as explain the Sunday procedure.

Always asked them how they came up with the name.

Did not make a big deal if the name was in the Bible, as if those parents

win.  (Knute, you may know, is only in a few mss.)

After introducing one couple at a time:

Questions to all of them:

Do you publicly acknowledge your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your lives?

Will you bring this child up in the teaching and lifestyle of the Word of God as best you can,  showing them the ways of Christ by teaching and ways of living?

Will you keep him or her under the influence of the church and its teaching as you raise them in love and joy?

Church, will you, as you have influence, seek to keep this a church that loves its children and provides strong teaching and partnership with this home?  (If so, please answer, we will.)

Then prayer for each individual child and parents.  Realistic and brief……And we join them in dedicating (Name) to you for your glory, and we seek your grace and protection for (her,him) to help them walk in your ways of faith and obedience……