I Peter in Sermons: Christian Living Like a Rock! In 20 sermons

1:1,2. Introduction to the book and Peter’s life and the great change he
1:3-9. Salvation
1:10-12 Salvation revealed
1:13-21. The Perfect Lamb of God. (Including tracing of sacrifices and John 1:29)
1:22-25. We only have a short time to love
2:1-3. Christian growth
2:4-10. Our priesthood as believers and the six sacrifices of the New Testament priests
2:11,12. Our testimony
2:13-17. Human authority
2:18-20. Work relationships
2:21-25. A biblical view of suffering
3:1-8. Marriage according to Peter and God
3:9-12. Suffering
3:13-17. Doing good
3:18-22. The way baptism saves us
4:1-7. We get a choice of gods
4:8-11. How action love shows
4:12-19. Moron suffering
5:1-11. Mood of the church
5:12-14. People who are not heroes in a review of the book