New Covenant Church

Pastoral Director of Seniors and Care

To plan and manage the pastoral care and general church ministries to and by the over-65 people to New Covenant, always in step with the direction of the pastor and to fulfill the overall implications of the church values and vision

Report to: the senior pastor, through regular verbal and paper reports
Time: an average of 8-12 hours per week
Compensation: _______ per month, with no benefits or extras; and with 10 weeks off each year (though still responsible for assigning special and regular needs those weeks


…Provide or assign pastoral care as needed for seniors when ill or in need

…Give vision and strategy to the ministry of the church to these people in general, related to care ministries but also outreach ministries toward the unchurched

…Represent the needs of these people to the pastor, proposing options for ministry


… Provide or assign pastoral care for the individuals in this group when they are in need (as defined by the pastor if ambiguous) — when unbelieving, sick, shut- in, hospitalized, or hurting from tragedies or death of a loved one; advise the pastor of needs.

…Lead the scheduling of senior socials for fellowship and edification and ministry to others; help organize them in line with policies and pastoral vision.

…Oversee with the pastor the Sunday and home community groups and teaching groups for this age. Perhaps host or teach one yourself. Appoint a group leader, a teacher or facilitator, a care captain, and a missions manager.

… If possible, lead or ask someone to lead a true small (4-7) discipleship group of all men or all women for this age group, meeting at least twice a month for personal growth, accountability, and ministry.