Church membership

On the receiving of new members witness of the others

The early church knew who was in the family and who was not sure yet. They kept numbers and had church-family goals and ministries.

We are happy to do the same.

Today we gladly receive as members of this local body of believers the following, upon their noted desire to join this team and their completion of the classes and acceptance of our goals together.

Today we welcome. (Names…..and up front)

Questions to the new members

* Do you confess again your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, believing that He died with all your sins on His back, being judged at that moment, and rose again to provide eternal hope and the gift of righteousness for you?

I do believe that.

* Will you seek to build this body of believers with your love and service and seek to live in unity with this church body and in faithful obedience to your Lord and Savior?

I will.

Question to the church

* Do you receive these friends as members of our church family, and will you

seek to serve and build each other in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Statement from the pastor

It is with joy that I represent the church saying we receive you as members of this local body. I and the staff and all of us love you and rejoice with you at this public witness.

Prayer for the new members and the church