“Master Schedule” for a pastor

The goal for each week, so you stay on target for goals and make the best use of time, and prioritize

If there are 21 sections to a week, three for each day, how will you use them? Consider making a schedule
and sticking with it except for tragedies and family.

Some of us like to make 35 blocks for a week, putting in an early morning breakfast time and a lunch-noon hour in each day, or at least five of them.

Here are “ingredients” that might best show in a target week, a Master Schedule:

* Personal worship of our Lord
* Physical exercise
* Date with wife
* Time with children (and each is different one-on-one that when all together
* Evenings at home

* Sermon prep time (should be at your best hours, not when tired or sleepy)
* Church services and classes on Sunday or weekend
* Wednesday services or studies or community groups
* Planning meetings (for instance, essential to meet with chair of oversight board to plan before the regular meetings)

* Breakfast or lunch or coffee with a new man at church (the new way of visitation)
* Shut-in visits
* Discipleship of group of 4-6 men (should be at minimum twice a month, and must be Bible verses that hit the heart, not just facts) — See sample.
* Counseling (good to have regular hours or people get used to just walking in)
* Service club or other local place to meet people (Some study at coffee shop once a week)
* Coffee or more individually with oversight board members twice a year

Notes:” Best to make one in August for the new “church year,” and then revise over
Christmas break….Show your wife and secretary….Show your oversight board….Refuse to feel guilt when broken, but refuse to break for selfish reasons