Expectations for a pastoral staff member

 In a church concerned for best ministry. What seems best for the ministry of the church, a fair return to the people who pray and give to make this possible, with committed love to the Lord Christ, head of the church

…in this for Christ and his church first, not self — a commitment that is obvious.
…practices a daily connection with the Lord and his Spirit, and this is apparent in attitudes, actions, witness, conflicts reactions.
…with a family committed to the same, if married. A “one-woman” man, if married.
…supportive of the team spirit of the staff and the pastoral leadership, and willing to take any concerns or criticisms to the appropriate person.

…willing to serve at least 50 hours in a normal work week, given that many lay people give 40-55 and more in their jobs, then add ministry time. Aware that many weeks it will be more than that.
…leads a true discipleship/accountability group of four to six other men (or women) that meets at least twice a month to study character and the church. (Talk about discipleship in general means little. Get a group going and reproduce it every two years,)
…reports to someone else on staff or to the senior pastor, on a regular basis and with true accountability for character, goals, workload, job description.
…contributes to the team and “school spirit” on staff, and is trustworthy.
…is willing to be evaluated regularly (annually in a formal way) for spirit on staff, work-ministry contribution, and love and service to people.
…willing to turn in a “master schedule” as an ideal allotment of time in an ideal week — shown to person he or she reports to on staff.
…shows concern and teamwork for any and all areas of church ministry rather than serving in a silo.
…willing to do “other things as assigned” when asked.
…seeks to expand/grow ministry areas rather than settle for status quo.
…committed to world and local missions and personal evangelism, no matter what personal assignment is.

…attends worship services and participates heartily.
…participates in staff meetings in a positive and contributing manner.
…supportive of the church in a financial way.
…prays regularly for the church.
…participates joyfully in any events leadership asks participation.
…invites outsiders to the church, even if the ministry is not his or her main area of ministry.
…shows love to people in any corner or ministry of the church, not just one’s own ministry areas.
…committed to and supportive of the statement of faith and vision and goals of the church.