Helping Staff Teams to Know and Understand Each Other Better Without Paying for Personality Tests!

The best exercise our staffs ever did to know and appreciate each other, and see God’s grace in action

“The Ten Most Important Decisions or Events in My Life”

Each staff member prepares the list, to be given and described in just seven minutes in front of all staff, just one at a time, early in a staff meeting.

(Does not include physical birth, which is assumed ☺ )

Okay, everyone will say he or she cannot do it in seven minutes, but stick to that, and allow three minutes for brief questions after.

➢ Very healthy exercise for people to go back through their lives and narrow down the most significant decisions or events, positive or negative, that affected them. And still do.

➢ Very healthy for their teammates to hear where they, the presenters, have been and see why they are the way they are.

> God always ends up getting a lot of credit