Quick answer to quick question from a pastor about Roe decision

You’ve got to recognize that this (Roe overturned)  has happened.  Andthat it is a spiritual and emotional war cry for many.

  I would include in the pastoral prayer — that people would have a new view of life as given by God… And for peace in our states because of  anger and conflict.

You quoted me as not taking sides on politics. Indeed.   But I think this is  one issue that has become very political but is based on a view of life that is not political but scriptural. I would not be afraid to include it in the sermon and just say how the view  of life and the soul has so changed.

Jeremiah quotes God as saying,  “I formed you in your mother’s womb.”
See Psalm 139: 13-18.

Be tender and warm.  It is a very hard issue for many to speak about.   And many who trust Scripture are changing their minds, I fear.
It is a great time to be a shepherd!  Of love and truth!