Suggestion for Christmas

1.   A special weekday service – lights or ornament to represent people who passed away that year –

A.   with special prayer for each
B.   with chance for each to say a word about person who died
C.   a few carols
D.   a 5-minute devotional about why Christ came

2.  Gift to shut-ins delivered by pastor or staff, with thanks for the past.
3.  Christmas eve services – early for kids and later for older. (11:00 pm was most popular.)
4.  College students to pastor’s house for cider and doughnuts (7:00-9:00 pm, or stated hours so they know not all evening).
5.  Letter to high school seniors about Christmas and their futures.
6.  Start carols early. All ages like carols.
7.  Do not hesitate to sponsor a special end-of-year giving offering, whether or not you like to call it a Christmas gift to Christ or the church. Other ministries are asking your people, and many need to give in a special way at the end of the year.
8.  A letter to church to thank them and express love from you and staff. Include all staff.
9.  Honor the staff with a “Thanksgiving benefit” to use for family Christmas. (Obviously only in a strong year – we’re talking $100, $200, or $300, not massive.)
10  .Project to help needy in community with food baskets and turkeys. Church people turn in names and deliver.
11.  Sermon series from Old Testament or Isaiah or “Christmas in the Letters” – not always traditional Matthew or Luke sermons.
12.  Church building decorated by Sunday after Thanksgiving.
13.  Three-minute interviews during all December in worship services, for people to be asked about both how they began with Christ and how they continue. (You hold the microphone.😊)