The simplest evangelism for the local church,

and one that puts some responsibility on each person


The church simply makes available a small card to tuck in the Bible —

on one side are simply lines for three names;

With a simple heading:


My three

Daily prayer and frequent show of friendship

and love and at the right time a church invite




On the other side, for example:

God’s Word

John 3:16

Acts 2:47

Romans 3:23-25

Romans 10:14,15

No one shows the cards around, but keeps them at home where they pray

or in their Bible for daily reminders to pray…

…for God’s grace to be shown in their lives

…for their eyes and minds to see the human need

…for opportunities to become better friends with their three

…for an openness for the friends to try our church when invited.

No big campaign.

No trumpets.

No pressure.

This reminds the people of faith and of the church that evangelism

is for each of us, and it is often relational, and a response to a life example.