The local church and “getting on the map”

We can easily assume that people driving by the church or even living nearby know who we are and why we are here and that we’re OK!

How do we help them consider that we might be a Good Place?

… Provide a ministry to needs of the community, meeting at a convenient time for the target person and lasting 70-80 minutes once or twice a month:

Mother’s Club — to provide excellent helps for the mother for the first time Single Moms — practical and workable ideas, and mutual support

“Celebrate Recovery” — guides from the national group for support groups for addictions, abused, special needs.

… Food bank — be a drop-off place for a local food bank.

… Sponsor a 5k or 10k race in the spring. Would need to get other sponsors and also get the police or sheriff department behind it for traffic help. Start and stop at the church building and have people at intersections.

… Rent a gymnasium to have a weekly “open gym” for basketball or volleyball or pickleball…..with good supervision and a five-minute devotional and referees.

… “Business Leaders’ Lunch” — a monthly lunch with an excellent speaker or subjects of interest to men and women….for networking and continuing education. Issues of industry and business, not Bible studies.

… “Open Breakfast” — a men’s or women’s early breakfast with a strong leader for people of the church to invite friends to go with them…..In a side room of a restaurant so can order off menu and have a 25-minute talk-study that is interesting to seekers. Not churchy or designed for strong believers. Timed so people can get to work by 8:00 am.

Cautions: Stay away from politics and controversial Christian issues….Avoid “Christian” talk and habits…. Put no one on the spot…